Timeless Tile — handcrafted elegance, everlasting art

Timeless Tile and Designs has been producing ceramic tile for nearly three decades in Maine. Our tiles are fired at 2500 degrees and will last for over 2000 years. Timeless tiles are destined for all interior and exterior design applications from flooring and wall coverings, to kitchens, pools, and shower enclosures. The pride we take in each piece makes every project a truly unique work of art.

Inspired by Classical Design

Timeless Tile and Designs offers an exquisite expression of sophistication resulting from an old world firing process. These unique handmade tiles are vitreous in nature and impervious to water and frost. Our tiles are high-fired at 2500 degrees of “white heat” resulting in a life expectancy of 2000 years—this process makes our tile a perfectly suitable for floors, pools, kitchens, and bathrooms. We take pride in knowing that our designs and glazes will remain beautiful for generations to come.

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Timeless Materials

Since 1990, artisans at Timeless Tile has been working from the grounds of an eighteenth-century farmhouse. Our artists care deeply for the environment and use recycled wood generating little to no waste, all while preserving the old-world firing process of tile manufacturing.

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